Section sign in password nog working

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Feb 11 08:40:59 EST 2013

* Jan Keirse <jan.keirse at> [2013-02-11 14:19]:
> Googling around shows that this character is occasionally a problem in
> password because of different character encodings between client &
> server.

Are we talking LDAP client (your IdP) and server (your DSA) or HTTP
client/User Agent and server (your Jetty)? I'm assuming only the
latter -- you did test other LDAP clients?
What locale is your JVM (or Jetty) running in/with? With what
character encoding are web pages being served by Jetty?

> Is this a known issue with Shibboleth and does anyone know a fix?

We have long published a list of permitted characters in passwords
since there always was the odd system that couldn't handle a specific
character. Checking that list I don't see '§' among that (i.e., we
don't allow that character in passwords).

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