Section sign in password nog working

Jan Keirse jan.keirse at
Mon Feb 11 08:18:24 EST 2013


I've got a shibboleth IDP that connects to 3 ldap's (2 active
directories and one opendj) to log in users to various SP's using the
default login page that comes with the download.
This works fine except if the password contains a section sign: §
In that case the password is not accepted. Both if the user is defined
in one of the Active Directories or in OpenDJ.
Googling around shows that this character is occasionally a problem in
password because of different character encodings between client &
Is this a known issue with Shibboleth and does anyone know a fix?

In case it matters: I'm running on IdP 2.3.8 under Jetty on Centos. We
tried with both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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