IDP Hang on startup due to LDAP

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Nov 6 17:28:02 EST 2012

On 11/6/12 3:19 PM, "Daniel Fisher" <dfisher at> wrote:
>I would appreciate it if one or both of you could capture your
>requirements in a Jira issue. This could be first-class feature in the
>future, but at the very least I want to make sure you can continue to
>do what you're doing.

I found the old bug entry on this, which is somewhat mistitled, but we
didn't understand the issue until we worked it through:

The problem with fixing this in V2 is that the method that we'd have to
move the pool initializing step to gets called multiple places (e.g. the
status page).

What I had to do is not create my own connector, but create my own factory
bean that swallows the pool exception at config time. It was about 20
lines of code.

We will look at either exposing a failfast option to control that behavior
on the existing factory bean, or just adding my version in as a second
factory bean (which looks like a separate data connector).

Filed as SC-184.

-- Scott

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