IDP Hang on startup due to LDAP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sun Nov 4 08:43:33 EST 2012

* Dan McLaughlin <dmclaughlin at> [2012-11-04 14:16]:
> Even though we have multiple sufficient ldap login modules and multiple
> failover attribute resolvers, if one of them is down the IDP will not start.
> Is there a way to configure login.config and the attribute resolver to stop
> the IDP from failing to start b/c one of your LDAP servers is down?

Not sure for JAAS. Maybe try having all hosts within a single module and
selecting them with connectionHandler settings:
Same with connectionStrategy in the resolver:

I recall a setting for the IdP to not "fail fast" if something is
amiss but can't locate it atm,

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