Memcached and failover (Problems: SERVER IS MARKED AS DEAD).

Kevin P. Foote kpfoote at
Wed Jan 25 13:24:57 GMT 2012

Hans, Quick answer is no there is not. 

Please see the post by Andre in the thread linked below[1]. According to 
him its the underlying libmemcachd which is at fault. Thus it does not 
flow back up to shibd.

I really don't think much has changed in either the memcached lib nor the
shib extension since this post that would change the result.



On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, Hans Christian Alsos wrote:

-> Hi.
-> My question is regarding failover and memcached.
-> I have deployed Shibboleth with the memcached extension to two servers using
-> LVS, and if I stop memcached on one of the servers, I get an error
-> message saying that the "SERVER IS MARKED DEAD". Which is fine, but it seems
-> that shibd continues to try and use that memcached instance even after it has
-> been marked as dead.
-> Is there any way to configure shibd to stop using memcached servers that have
-> been marked dead ?
-> Regards.
-> Hans Christian Alsos

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