Updating Generated IdP metadata?

Nate Klingenstein ndk at internet2.edu
Fri Jan 6 21:15:50 GMT 2012


TestShib as currently implemented doesn't do any dynamic pulling of  
metadata or other information from your IdP.  It generates metadata  
that it thinks is correct for you based on a few simple questions on  
the initial registration form, and it stores that metadata itself.  If  
the assumptions and guesses involved in that are not accurate in your  
case, you'll need to use "Edit XML" functionality to update the  
information in your metadata on TestShib.  If you have trouble getting  
that to work, please contact me off-list and I'll help you make the  
changes you need.  Any and all changes you make to idp-metadata.xml  
will not be reflected in TestShib, and vice versa, so you may want to  
modify both.

For the fabled next edition of TestShib that may or may not ever be  
implemented, I'd like to optionally pull metadata from providers, with  
the fallback of static entry and guessing(e.g. for testing providers  
that are not publicly addressable).  This is seriously TBD.

Hope this helps,

On Jan 6, 2012, at 21:00 , Cantor, Scott wrote:

>> It looks to me like testshib.org is picking up the contents of the
>> idp-metadata.xml file when I add the IdP to their configuration.  
>> Using
>> the "edit xml" there is where I spotted the incorrect URLs in the  
>> first
>> place, which led me to looking for where they were coming from.
> If it does, I'm mistaken. That would suggest it's hitting the  
> entityID and
> fetching the metadata through the IdP which does pull from that  
> file. But
> I would guess once it's in there, you can edit it via testshib.

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