Updating Generated IdP metadata?

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Fri Jan 6 21:00:35 GMT 2012

On 1/6/12 3:49 PM, "David Gersic" <dgersic at niu.edu> wrote:
>In the IdP metadata (idp-metadata.xml), the URLs are wrong. If that's one
>of the "edge cases", then I've hit one.

I'm talking about what the IdP itself does with the data, not what
something else does with it.

>So it's safe to just edit the idp-metadata.xml file to correct the URLs
>in it? If so, yeah, no problem, I can do that. It wasn't clear from the
>docs whether this was the correct way to update this, or if there was
>some other process or procedure to follow.

That won't do anything AFAIK. I believe testshib requires that you upload
and submit the metadata. Whether that happens to be what you have on disk
in that file doesn't much matter unless you're doing artifact binding.

>It looks to me like testshib.org is picking up the contents of the
>idp-metadata.xml file when I add the IdP to their configuration. Using
>the "edit xml" there is where I spotted the incorrect URLs in the first
>place, which led me to looking for where they were coming from.

If it does, I'm mistaken. That would suggest it's hitting the entityID and
fetching the metadata through the IdP which does pull from that file. But
I would guess once it's in there, you can edit it via testshib.

-- Scott

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