testshib.org errors

Nate Klingenstein ndk at internet2.edu
Thu Feb 23 17:44:05 GMT 2012


> I am not an expert, but it appears testshib.org is broken. Does anyone
> know if I am doing something wrong or how to contact the owner?

You've both done nothing wrong and you've alerted one of the  
misfortunate owners.  The hard drive for TestShib has gone read-only  
again, possibly due to a hardware issue on the aging machine.

We're slated to rebuild TestShib on a new (virtual) machine as soon as  
we find the time.  It's slipped a bit from the beginning of the year  
due to so many other priorities.

For now, I've alerted another misfortunate owner of TestShib who has  
to do the sysadmin work.  I'll send another note to the list once the  
error has been resolved and TestShib is available again.

Thanks so much for the notification,

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