Shibboleth SP and cPanel

Yavor Yanakiev yy247 at
Thu Aug 30 11:41:42 EDT 2012

My initial setup was without RequestMap but when it failed I put it into the SP configuration 
with assumption that this will fix the virtual host issue if the related configuration is a 
dynamically generated.  

Since it's a hosted environment I have very little control over the Apache configuration. 
The provider was responsive enough and installed the Shibboleth SP RPM on their server 
and the SP config files I sent to them, and also gave me the log Shib files. 

Yavor Yanakiev
Sr. Application Systems Developer

yy247 at

On Aug 30, 2012, at 11:13 AM, Cantor, Scott wrote:

> On 8/30/12 10:46 AM, "Yavor Yanakiev" <yy247 at> wrote:
>> My impression is that Shib fails to map the request to the proper virtual
>> host.
> All I can tell you is that Shibboleth simply relies on your web server to
> map requests. If that's not working, then your web server isn't configured
> correctly.
> It shouldn't have anything to do with the other modules, although my
> recollection is that Drupal can do some path rewriting that causes issues.
> But I wouldn't think it would affect the vhost.
> Again, you shouldn't need to use the RequestMap in any case. Whatever
> you're trying to do you can set in the VirtualHost blocks via Location or
> similar config buckets in Apache.
> You might want to use the RequestMap if these modules are automating the
> generation of virtual hosts in Apache and you want to stay out of those
> files. At that point you'd better have canonical naming on, but it should
> work.
> -- Scott
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