Basic question re configuration of Embedded Discovery Service

Keith Hazelton hazelton at
Fri Aug 24 12:25:23 EDT 2012

So, fiddling with EDS a bit more.

- index.html in the protected path is a symlink to /etc/shiibboleth-ds/index.html
- My custom discoData file is now in /etc/shibboleth-ds with the other EDS files
- /etc/shibboleth-ds/idpselect_config.js has the following line:
    this.dataSource = 'discoData';    // Where to get the data from

When I browse to the protected path, I get a blank screen, but the source shows that I am looking at the right index.html file and the page title is "IdP select test bed"

I was expecting to see a page letting me select one of the two IdPs in my JSON discoData file.

My understanding of what's going on is obviously fawlty.


On Aug 24, 2012, at 11:11:15, Cantor, Scott wrote:

> On Aug 24, 2012, at 11:34 AM, "Keith Hazelton" <hazelton at> wrote:
>> Then I guess I should be looking at a custom WAYF/DS to do what I want rather than EDS, since I want to have an SP-specific set of IdPs.    --Keith
> If you want to filter the metadata itself, the SP can do that. If you want the trust list intact, but only display some of the IdPs for selection, that is more of an SP 2.5 feature.
> -- Scott
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