incorporating opensso metadata and extended metadata xml files into shibboleth SP

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Sun Aug 19 16:54:08 EDT 2012

On 8/19/12 3:00 PM, "csross" <cross at> wrote:
>I have to talk to a new IDP with a new SP on my shib 2.4.3 solaris
>I believe the IDP is opensso and the administrator does not have any
>experience with shibboleth as they never had any SPs running it. They sent
>me a metadata.xml file which I specified identified in the shibboleth2.xml
>file.  They also sent me an extended metadata.xml file which has a number
>Attritribute name= and value.  These look nothing like what is in the
>attribute-map.xml file I use for other IDPs I contact but they run

The SP doesn't use any of that particular information in metadata.

Obviously the attributes they're sending do have to be mapped but that
doesn't involve the metadata.

>A lot of sites I researched mentioned NameIDFormat and I see these in the
>metadata.xml and extended-metadata.xml,  but again it is in an unfamilar
>format.  Is there any relation to the entries in attritbute-map?


>Does anyone have any idea how to incorporate this into Shibboleth please?

You don't need to.

-- Scott

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