incorporating opensso metadata and extended metadata xml files into shibboleth SP

csross cross at
Sun Aug 19 15:00:38 EDT 2012


I have to talk to a new IDP with a new SP on my shib 2.4.3 solaris server. 
I believe the IDP is opensso and the administrator does not have any
experience with shibboleth as they never had any SPs running it.  They sent
me a metadata.xml file which I specified identified in the shibboleth2.xml
file.  They also sent me an extended metadata.xml file which has a number of
Attritribute name= and value.  These look nothing like what is in the
attribute-map.xml file I use for other IDPs I contact but they run

A lot of sites I researched mentioned NameIDFormat and I see these in the
metadata.xml and extended-metadata.xml,  but again it is in an unfamilar
format.  Is there any relation to the entries in attritbute-map?


        <Attribute name="nameIDFormatMap">

Does anyone have any idea how to incorporate this into Shibboleth please? 
If anyone knows of a link or doc that relates to this it would be
appreciated as well.

Thanks for any help.

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