mod_shib registers as mod_apache.cpp?

Michael Jinks mjinks at
Tue Aug 14 22:04:49 EDT 2012

I'm setting up an SP on Apache/RHEL 6, using a copy of the RPM in the
Yum repository linked from the Shib web site, version

Everything went fine until I tried to protect a path, at which point
Apache ignored any Shib-related settings I tried, even though the
Metadata link worked fine.  I enabled server_info, and found that all
of the Shib directives were listed under "Module Name: mod_apache.cpp",
not mod_shib.c or similar.  Since the documented configuration calls

 <IfModule mod_shib.c>

...Apache wasn't associating that module with any configuration
directives.  Changing my shib.conf to read:

 <IfModule mod_apache.cpp> around the problem.  But it looks like this is a bug in the
packaged build, right?  Or did I miss something and cause this myself?

Michael Jinks :: mjinks at
University of Chicago IT Services

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