Shibboleth setup.. So close but can use some help..

Juan Quintanilla jquin014 at
Wed Sep 28 15:13:58 BST 2011

Hi Terry,

So you are using CAS to authenticate shibboleth idp, but how did you go about retrieving the attributes?  Did you setup an ldap connector or are you having CAS send the attributes to the Shibboleth idp server and then manipulating the data to work with Shibboleth.

How did you proceed with that and can you provide us with some helpful suggestions on how to go about accomplishing that?
Juan Quintanilla
UTS - Enterprise Group
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Hi Juan,

We just completed our IdP setup to auth against our CAS server (instead
of ldap).  All information was grabbed from the following URL ..

The only thing they left out (I thought it was obvious, but you never
know) was that you have to comment out the standard UsernamePassword
login handler, since you'll be using the RemoteUser handler supplied in
the documentation.


On 09/23/2011 01:28 PM, Juan Quintanilla wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone setup Shibboleth to work with CAS? If so can anyone provide some information regarding that initial setup.

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