filtering on multi-valued attributes

James Bardin jbardin at
Tue Sep 27 15:20:12 BST 2011


Is it possible to release an attribute based on matching a single
value from within multi-valued attribute?

For example, I want to add "member" to eduPersonScopedAffiliation, but
that's only valid if:
    a) there is already a qualifying affiliation present in ePSA
(staff OR student OR faculty)
    b) member isn't already included (though I see no harm in having
it twice if necessary)

I'm having two issue with this filter.

 - First of all, the filter bails on the first unmatched value, and
doesn't get to evaluate further. This my main issue, as I'm unsure how
to iterate over all the values in one logical block.

 - Second, the filter is bailing on the value "member", which means
that the filter is evaluating everything encoded as an ePSA (my
"member" attribute has it's own id, but is encoded as ePSA), and not
just those with only that id.

This second point seems like a bug, but maybe I'm misunderstanding
some details of the attribute-filter documentation.


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