Notify Didn't launch the target url

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Nov 17 01:15:49 GMT 2011

On 11/16/11 8:00 PM, "sanjay joshi" <sanjayk.joshi at> wrote:

>The logout works fine and terminates the session at sp1,
>IDp and Sp2. At step 3) we wanted to Notify an external web application
>the event to clear independent web app session. We used Notify but the
>url never launched.
>There is no error shown in the logs, Sp2 terminates the
>session and post the response back to IDp.

I'd have to see a complete log on DEBUG to make a guess, but if the
configuration loaded with the Notify element in place, and there's no
application override involved, the most likely explanation is "bug".

-- Scott

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