Interface PKIXValidationInformationResolver

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public interface PKIXValidationInformationResolver extends Resolver<PKIXValidationInformation,CriteriaSet>
A resolver which uses Criterion to resolve PKIXValidationInformation, which will typically be used by PKIX-based trust engines. Implementations must also implement resolveTrustedNames(CriteriaSet), which will return a set of trusted names associated with the entity implied by the criteria. These trusted names may be used to validate (in an application-specific manner) that an entity is trusted to wield a particular certificate.
  • Method Details

    • resolveTrustedNames

      @Nonnull Set<String> resolveTrustedNames(@Nullable CriteriaSet criteriaSet) throws ResolverException
      Resolve a set of trusted names associated with the entity indicated by the criteria. This method is optional to implement.
      criteriaSet - set of criteria used to determine or resolve the trusted names
      the set of certificate names trusted for an entity
      ResolverException - thrown if there is an error resolving the trusted names
      UnsupportedOperationException - thrown if this optional method is not supported by the implementation
    • supportsTrustedNameResolution

      boolean supportsTrustedNameResolution()
      Check whether resolution of trusted names is supported.
      true if the implementation supports resolution of trusted names, otherwise false