Interface MessageEncoder

All Superinterfaces:
Component, DestructableComponent, InitializableComponent
All Known Subinterfaces:
HttpClientRequestMessageEncoder, HttpServletResponseMessageEncoder, SAMLMessageEncoder
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractHttpClientRequestMessageEncoder, AbstractHttpServletResponseMessageEncoder, AbstractMessageEncoder, BaseHttpClientRequestXMLMessageEncoder, BaseHttpServletResponseXMLMessageEncoder, BaseSAML1MessageEncoder, BaseSAML2MessageEncoder, HTTPArtifactEncoder, HTTPArtifactEncoder, HttpClientRequestSOAP11Encoder, HttpClientRequestSOAP11Encoder, HttpClientRequestSOAP11Encoder, HTTPPostEncoder, HTTPPostEncoder, HTTPPostSimpleSignEncoder, HTTPRedirectDeflateEncoder, HTTPSOAP11Encoder, HTTPSOAP11Encoder, HTTPSOAP11Encoder

public interface MessageEncoder extends InitializableComponent, DestructableComponent
Interface for component that encodes message data from a MessageContext to a sink. Before the encoder can be used the InitializableComponent.initialize() method must be called. After the encoder has been used the DestructableComponent.destroy() should be invoked in order to clean up any resources.

The sink data or structure on which the encoder operates is supplied in an implementation-specific manner.

  • Method Details

    • prepareContext

      void prepareContext() throws MessageEncodingException
      This method should prepare the message context by creating and populating any binding-specific data structures required in the MessageContext, prior to actually encoding.

      This method should be called after the MessageContext has been set, and before any binding-specific Handler or HandlerChains are invoked.

      Example: For a SOAP encoder, this method would create and store the basic SOAP Envelope structure in the message context, so that Handlers that are invoked have a place to which to add headers.

      This method may be a no-op if not required by the binding, or if the message type of the context implies that the binding-specific structures have already been created elsewhere (e.g. message-oriented code where the calling code already knows its SOAP, and is operating on the raw SOAP envelope anyway).

      MessageEncodingException - if there is a problem preparing the message context for encoding
    • encode

      void encode() throws MessageEncodingException
      Encode the MessageContext supplied via setMessageContext(MessageContext) to the sink.
      MessageEncodingException - if there is a problem encoding the message context
    • setMessageContext

      void setMessageContext(MessageContext messageContext)
      Set the MessageContext which is to be encoded.
      messageContext - the message context