Class BasicKeyInfoGeneratorFactory.BasicOptions

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KeyAgreementKeyInfoGeneratorFactory.KeyAgreementOptions, X509KeyInfoGeneratorFactory.X509Options
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protected class BasicKeyInfoGeneratorFactory.BasicOptions extends Object implements Cloneable
Options to be used in the production of a KeyInfo from a Credential.
  • Field Details

    • emitKeyNames

      private boolean emitKeyNames
      Emit key names found in a Credential as KeyName elements.
    • emitEntityIDAsKeyName

      private boolean emitEntityIDAsKeyName
      Emit the entity ID value in a Credential as a KeyName element.
    • emitPublicKeyValue

      private boolean emitPublicKeyValue
      Emit the value of Credential.getPublicKey() as a KeyValue element.
    • emitPublicDEREncodedKeyValue

      private boolean emitPublicDEREncodedKeyValue
      Emit the value of Credential.getPublicKey() as a DEREncodedKeyValue element.
  • Constructor Details

    • BasicOptions

      protected BasicOptions()
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