Class ChainingEncryptedKeyResolver

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ChainingEncryptedKeyResolver extends AbstractEncryptedKeyResolver
An implementation of EncryptedKeyResolver which chains multiple other resolver implementations together, calling them in the order specified in the resolver list.
  • Field Details

    • resolvers

      @Nonnull @NonnullElements private final List<EncryptedKeyResolver> resolvers
      The list of resolvers which form the resolution chain.
    • log

      @Nonnull private final org.slf4j.Logger log
      Class logger.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getResolverChain

      @Nonnull @NonnullElements @Unmodifiable @NotLive public List<EncryptedKeyResolver> getResolverChain()
      Get the unmodifiable list of resolvers which form the resolution chain.
      a list of EncryptedKeyResolver instances
    • resolve

      @Nonnull public Iterable<EncryptedKey> resolve(@Nonnull EncryptedData encryptedData)
      Resolve the EncryptedKey elements containing the data encryption key used to encrypt the specified EncryptedData element.
      encryptedData - the EncryptedData element context in which to resolve
      an iterable of EncryptedKey elements