Interface KeyDerivation

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public interface KeyDerivation extends KeyAgreementParameter
Component which represents a specific key derivation algorithm, and supports deriving a new SecretKey via that algorithm.

Sub-types will usually contain additional configurable property inputs to the derivation operation.

  • Method Details

    • getAlgorithm

      @Nonnull String getAlgorithm()
      The key derivation algorithm URI.
      the algorithm
    • derive

      @Nonnull SecretKey derive(@Nonnull byte[] secret, @Nonnull String keyAlgorithm, @Nullable Integer keyLength) throws KeyDerivationException
      Derive a SecretKey from the specified secret.
      secret - the input secret from which to derive the key.
      keyAlgorithm - the algorithm URI for which the derived key will be used
      keyLength - the length of the derived key. This may be null if the keyAlgorithm URI implies a key length, for example if the URI represents a KeyLengthSpecifiedAlgorithm. However if the URI implies a key length and this parameter value does not match that length, that is an error and and exception will be thrown
      the derived key
      KeyDerivationException - if the key derivation operation is not completed successfully