Class BasicKeyAgreementCredential

All Implemented Interfaces:
Credential, MutableCredential, KeyAgreementCredential

public class BasicKeyAgreementCredential extends BasicCredential implements KeyAgreementCredential
Basic implementation of KeyAgreementCredential.
  • Field Details

    • algorithm

      @Nonnull private String algorithm
      Algorithm URI.
    • originatorCredential

      @Nonnull private Credential originatorCredential
      Originator credential.
    • recipientCredential

      @Nonnull private Credential recipientCredential
      Recipient credential.
    • parameters

      @Nonnull private KeyAgreementParameters parameters
  • Constructor Details

    • BasicKeyAgreementCredential

      public BasicKeyAgreementCredential(@Nonnull SecretKey derivedKey, @Nonnull String agreementAlgorithm, @Nonnull Credential originator, @Nonnull Credential recipient)
      derivedKey - the derived secret key
      agreementAlgorithm - the key agreement algorithm
      originator - the originator credential
      recipient - the recipient credential
  • Method Details