Interface KeyAgreementProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDerivationKeyAgreementProcessor, AbstractKeyAgreementProcessor, DHWithExplicitKDFKeyAgreementProcessor, DHWithLegacyKDFKeyAgreementProcessor, ECDHKeyAgreementProcessor

public interface KeyAgreementProcessor
Component which performs a key agreement operation.
  • Method Details

    • getAlgorithm

      @Nonnull String getAlgorithm()
      The key agreement algorithm URI.
      the algorithm
    • execute

      @Nonnull KeyAgreementCredential execute(@Nonnull Credential publicCredential, @Nonnull String keyAlgorithm, @Nonnull KeyAgreementParameters parameters) throws KeyAgreementException
      Perform the key agreement operation and return a new credential representing the results.
      publicCredential - the public credential, which will belong either to the recipient or originator party, depending on whether encryption or decryption is being performed, respectively
      keyAlgorithm - the algorithm URI for which the derived key will be used
      parameters - parameters to the agreement operation. Internally a copy will be created so this input instance will not be modified.
      the agreement credential
      KeyAgreementException - if the key agreement operation is not completed successfully