Class KeyAgreementParameters

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<KeyAgreementParameter>, Collection<KeyAgreementParameter>, Set<KeyAgreementParameter>

public class KeyAgreementParameters extends ClassIndexedSet<KeyAgreementParameter>
Specialized collection type for holding sets of parameters to key agreement operations.
  • Constructor Details

    • KeyAgreementParameters

      public KeyAgreementParameters()
    • KeyAgreementParameters

      public KeyAgreementParameters(@Nonnull Collection<KeyAgreementParameter> source)
      Copy constructor.
      source - the source set from which to copy
    • KeyAgreementParameters

      public KeyAgreementParameters(@Nonnull Collection<KeyAgreementParameter> source, boolean clone)
      Copy constructor with parameter clone option.
      source - the source set from which to copy
      clone - if true each parameter which is a CloneableKeyAgreementParameter will be cloned before being added
  • Method Details

    • initializeAll

      public void initializeAll() throws KeyAgreementException
      A convenience method for initializing all parameters which are initializable.
      KeyAgreementException - if any parameters fail initialization