Class EncryptedHeaderImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
XMLObject, ActorBearing, MustUnderstandBearing, MustUnderstandBearing, RelayBearing, RoleBearing, EncryptedHeader, IdBearing, WSSecurityObject

public class EncryptedHeaderImpl extends AbstractWSSecurityObject implements EncryptedHeader
Implementation of EncryptedHeader.
  • Field Details

    • encryptedData

      private EncryptedData encryptedData
      EncryptedData child element.
    • wsuId

      private String wsuId
      The @wsu:Id atribute.
    • soap11MustUnderstand

      private XSBooleanValue soap11MustUnderstand
      The @soap11:mustUnderstand atribute.
    • soap11Actor

      private String soap11Actor
      The @soap11:actor atribute.
    • soap12MustUnderstand

      private XSBooleanValue soap12MustUnderstand
      The @soap12:mustUnderstand atribute.
    • soap12Role

      private String soap12Role
      The @soap12:role atribute.
    • soap12Relay

      private XSBooleanValue soap12Relay
      The @soap12:relay atribute.
  • Constructor Details

    • EncryptedHeaderImpl

      public EncryptedHeaderImpl(String namespaceURI, String elementLocalName, String namespacePrefix)
      namespaceURI - namespace of the element
      elementLocalName - name of the element
      namespacePrefix - namespace prefix of the element
  • Method Details