Class AttributedURIImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributeExtensibleXMLObject, XSURI, XMLObject, AttributedURI, WSAddressingObject
Direct Known Subclasses:
ActionImpl, AddressImpl, MessageIDImpl, ProblemIRIImpl, ToImpl

public class AttributedURIImpl extends XSURIImpl implements AttributedURI
AbstractAttributedURIType is the abstract implementation of AttributedURI.
  • Field Details

    • unknownAttributes

      private AttributeMap unknownAttributes
      xs:anyAttribute for this element.
  • Constructor Details

    • AttributedURIImpl

      public AttributedURIImpl(String namespaceURI, String elementLocalName, String namespacePrefix)
      namespaceURI - The namespace of the element
      elementLocalName - The local name of the element
      namespacePrefix - The namespace prefix of the element
  • Method Details

    • getUnknownAttributes

      public AttributeMap getUnknownAttributes()
      Gets a mutable map of the attributes. The map key is the namespace qualified name of the attribute, the map value is the value of the attribute.
      Specified by:
      getUnknownAttributes in interface AttributeExtensibleXMLObject
      a map of the attributes