Interface SOAPClient

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractPipelineHttpSOAPClient, HttpSOAPClient, PipelineFactoryHttpSOAPClient

@ThreadSafe public interface SOAPClient
An interface for a very basic SOAP client. Implementations of this interface do NOT attempt to do intelligent things like figure out when and how to attach WS-Security headers. It is strictly meant to open sockets, shuttle messages over it, and return a response.
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    static interface 
    Marker interface for binding/transport request parameters.
  • Method Summary

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    send(String endpoint, InOutOperationContext context)
    Sends a message and waits for a response.
  • Method Details

    • send

      void send(@Nonnull @NotEmpty String endpoint, @Nonnull InOutOperationContext context) throws SOAPException, SecurityException
      Sends a message and waits for a response.
      endpoint - the endpoint to which to send the message
      context - the operation context containing the outbound SOAP message
      SOAPException - thrown if there is a problem sending the message or receiving the response or if the response is a SOAP fault
      SecurityException - thrown if the response does not meet any security policy associated with the message context