Interface HttpClientSecurityConfiguration

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public interface HttpClientSecurityConfiguration
The security configuration information to use when performing HTTP client requests.
  • Method Details

    • getCredentialsProvider

      @Nullable org.apache.http.client.CredentialsProvider getCredentialsProvider()
      Get an instance of CredentialsProvider used for authentication by the HttpClient instance.
      the credentials provider, or null
    • getTLSTrustEngine

      @Nullable TrustEngine<? super X509Credential> getTLSTrustEngine()
      Sets the optional trust engine used in evaluating server TLS credentials.
      the trust engine instance to use, or null
    • getTLSProtocols

      @Nullable List<String> getTLSProtocols()
      Get the optional list of TLS protocols.
      the TLS protocols, or null
    • getTLSCipherSuites

      @Nullable List<String> getTLSCipherSuites()
      Get the optional list of TLS cipher suites.
      the list of TLS cipher suites, or null
    • getHostnameVerifier

      @Nullable HostnameVerifier getHostnameVerifier()
      Get the optional hostname verifier.
      the hostname verifier, or null
    • getClientTLSCredential

      @Nullable X509Credential getClientTLSCredential()
      Get the optional client TLS credential.
      the client TLS credential, or null
    • isServerTLSFailureFatal

      @Nullable Boolean isServerTLSFailureFatal()
      Get the flag indicating whether failure of server TLS trust engine evaluation should be treated as a fatal error.

      Note: a Boolean is used here rather than boolean to explicitly allow a non-configured value, allowing consuming components to implement their own internal defaults.

      true if fatal, false if non-fatal, null if not explicitly configured