Class StatusCodeMarshaller

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public class StatusCodeMarshaller extends AbstractSAMLObjectMarshaller
A thread safe Marshaller for StatusCode objects.
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    • StatusCodeMarshaller

      public StatusCodeMarshaller()
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    • marshallAttributes

      protected void marshallAttributes(XMLObject samlObject, Element domElement) throws MarshallingException
      No-op method. Extending implementations should override this method if they have attributes to marshall into the Element. Marshalls a given XMLObject into a W3C Element. The given signing context should be blindly passed to the marshaller for child elements. The XMLObject passed to this method is guaranteed to be of the target name specified during this unmarshaller's construction. This default implementation of this method is a no-op
      marshallAttributes in class AbstractSAMLObjectMarshaller
      samlObject - the XMLObject to marshall
      domElement - the W3C DOM element
      MarshallingException - thrown if there is a problem marshalling the element