Class ArtifactResponseImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
XMLObject, SAMLObject, SignableSAMLObject, ArtifactResponse, StatusResponseType, SignableXMLObject

public class ArtifactResponseImpl extends StatusResponseTypeImpl implements ArtifactResponse
Concrete implementation of ArtifactResponse.
  • Field Details

    • protocolMessage

      private SAMLObject protocolMessage
      Protocol message.
  • Constructor Details

    • ArtifactResponseImpl

      protected ArtifactResponseImpl(String namespaceURI, String elementLocalName, String namespacePrefix)
      namespaceURI - the namespace the element is in
      elementLocalName - the local name of the XML element this Object represents
      namespacePrefix - the prefix for the given namespace
  • Method Details

    • getMessage

      public SAMLObject getMessage()
      Gets the protocol message from the artifact response.
      Specified by:
      getMessage in interface ArtifactResponse
      protocol message from the artifact response
    • setMessage

      public void setMessage(SAMLObject message)
      Sets the protocol message from the artifact response.
      Specified by:
      setMessage in interface ArtifactResponse
      message - protocol message from the artifact response
    • getOrderedChildren

      public List<XMLObject> getOrderedChildren()
      Gets an unmodifiable list of child elements in the order that they will appear in the DOM.
      Specified by:
      getOrderedChildren in interface XMLObject
      getOrderedChildren in class StatusResponseTypeImpl
      ordered list of child elements