Interface TimeBoundSAMLObject

All Superinterfaces:
SAMLObject, XMLObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
AffiliationDescriptor, AttributeAuthorityDescriptor, AttributeQueryDescriptorType, AuthnAuthorityDescriptor, AuthnQueryDescriptorType, AuthzDecisionQueryDescriptorType, EntitiesDescriptor, EntityDescriptor, IDPSSODescriptor, PDPDescriptor, QueryDescriptorType, RoleDescriptor, SPSSODescriptor, SSODescriptor
All Known Implementing Classes:
AffiliationDescriptorImpl, AttributeAuthorityDescriptorImpl, AttributeQueryDescriptorTypeImpl, AuthnAuthorityDescriptorImpl, AuthnQueryDescriptorTypeImpl, AuthzDecisionQueryDescriptorTypeImpl, EntitiesDescriptorImpl, EntityDescriptorImpl, IDPSSODescriptorImpl, PDPDescriptorImpl, QueryDescriptorTypeImpl, RoleDescriptorImpl, SPSSODescriptorImpl, SSODescriptorImpl

public interface TimeBoundSAMLObject extends SAMLObject
A functional interface for SAMLElements that are bounded with a "validUntil" attribute.
  • Field Details


      @Nonnull @NotEmpty static final String VALID_UNTIL_ATTRIB_NAME
      "validUntil" attribute's local name.
      See Also:

      @Nonnull static final QName VALID_UNTIL_ATTRIB_QNAME
      "validUntil" attribute's QName.
  • Method Details

    • isValid

      boolean isValid()
      Checks to see if the current time is past the validUntil time.
      true of this descriptor is still valid otherwise false
    • getValidUntil

      @Nullable Instant getValidUntil()
      Gets the date until which this descriptor is valid.
      the date until which this descriptor is valid
    • setValidUntil

      void setValidUntil(@Nullable Instant validUntil)
      Sets the date until which this descriptor is valid.
      validUntil - the date until which this descriptor is valid