Class SubjectQueryUnmarshaller

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AttributeQueryUnmarshaller, AuthenticationQueryUnmarshaller, AuthorizationDecisionQueryUnmarshaller

public abstract class SubjectQueryUnmarshaller extends AbstractSAMLObjectUnmarshaller
A thread safe Unmarshaller for SubjectQuery objects.
  • Constructor Details

    • SubjectQueryUnmarshaller

      public SubjectQueryUnmarshaller()
  • Method Details

    • processChildElement

      protected void processChildElement(XMLObject parentSAMLObject, XMLObject childSAMLObject) throws UnmarshallingException
      Called after a child element has been unmarshalled so that it can be added to the parent XMLObject. The default implementation of this method is a no-op.
      processChildElement in class AbstractXMLObjectUnmarshaller
      parentSAMLObject - the parent XMLObject
      childSAMLObject - the child XMLObject
      UnmarshallingException - thrown if there is a problem adding the child to the parent