Interface RefreshableMetadataResolver

All Superinterfaces:
Component, IdentifiedComponent, MetadataResolver, Resolver<EntityDescriptor,CriteriaSet>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractReloadingMetadataResolver, ChainingMetadataResolver, CompositeMetadataResolver, FileBackedHTTPMetadataResolver, FilesystemMetadataResolver, HTTPMetadataResolver, ResourceBackedMetadataResolver

public interface RefreshableMetadataResolver extends MetadataResolver
Specialization of MetadataResolver that supports on-demand refresh.
  • Method Details

    • refresh

      void refresh() throws ResolverException
      Refresh the data exposed by the resolver.

      An implementation of this method should typically be either synchronized or make use other locking mechanisms to protect against concurrent access.

      ResolverException - if the refresh operation was unsuccessful
    • getLastRefresh

      @Nullable Instant getLastRefresh()
      Gets the time the last refresh cycle occurred.
      time the last refresh cycle occurred
    • getLastUpdate

      @Nullable Instant getLastUpdate()
      Get the time that the currently available metadata was last updated. Note, this may be different than the time retrieved by getLastRefresh() is the metadata was known not to have changed during the last refresh cycle.
      time when the currently metadata was last updated, null if metadata has never successfully been read in
    • getLastSuccessfulRefresh

      @Nullable Instant getLastSuccessfulRefresh()
      Gets the time the last successful refresh cycle occurred.
      time the last successful refresh cycle occurred
    • wasLastRefreshSuccess

      @Nullable Boolean wasLastRefreshSuccess()
      Gets whether the last refresh cycle was successful.
      true if last refresh cycle was successful, false if not
    • getLastFailureCause

      @Nullable Throwable getLastFailureCause()
      Gets the reason the last refresh failed.
      reason the last refresh failed or null if the last refresh was successful