Uses of Package

Interfaces and classes for message-related error handling.
Interfaces and classes for message context handlers.
Implementations of message context handlers.
Interfaces and classes for message processing pipelines.
Interfaces and classes for profile actions, discrete units of behavior that make up a profile.
Implementations of general profile actions.
Implementation of SAML binding-level functionality, such as MessageHandlers.
Classes responsible for performing transport-related and basic message validation of decoded SAML messages.
General message handlers for SAML 1.x.
General message handlers for SAML 2.
Security-related message handlers for SAML 2.
Implementation of SAML WS-Security message handler functionality.
Message handler implementations.
SOAP 1.1 client message decoding support implementations.
Common classes shared across SOAP versions, clients, and transports.
SOAP messaging support components.
SOAP over HTTP 1.1 message decoder and handlers.
WS-Addressing message handling components.
WS-Security message handling components.