Interface XSBase64Binary

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
BinarySecret, ChannelBindings, CipherValue, CombinedHash, CryptoBinary, DEREncodedKeyValue, ECPointType, Exponent, G, GeneratedKey, Generator, J, KANonce, Modulus, OAEPparams, P, P, PgenCounter, PgenCounter, PGPKeyID, PGPKeyPacket, Public, PublicKey, Q, Q, Salt, Seed, Seed, Specified, SPKISexp, X509Certificate, X509CRL, X509Digest, X509SKI, Y
All Known Implementing Classes:
BinarySecretImpl, ChannelBindingsImpl, CipherValueImpl, CombinedHashImpl, CryptoBinaryImpl, DEREncodedKeyValueImpl, ECPointTypeImpl, ExponentImpl, GeneratedKeyImpl, GeneratorImpl, GImpl, JImpl, KANonceImpl, ModulusImpl, OAEPparamsImpl, PgenCounterImpl, PgenCounterImpl, PGPKeyIDImpl, PGPKeyPacketImpl, PImpl, PImpl, PublicImpl, PublicKeyImpl, QImpl, QImpl, SaltImpl, SeedImpl, SeedImpl, SpecifiedImpl, SPKISexpImpl, X509CertificateImpl, X509CRLImpl, X509DigestImpl, X509SKIImpl, XSBase64BinaryImpl, YImpl

public interface XSBase64Binary extends XMLObject
XMLObject that represents an XML Schema base64Binary.
  • Field Details


      @Nonnull @NotEmpty static final String TYPE_LOCAL_NAME
      Local name of the XSI type.
      See Also:

      @Nonnull static final QName TYPE_NAME
      QName of the XSI type.
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      @Nullable String getValue()
      Gets the base64-encoded binary value.
      the string, or null
    • setValue

      void setValue(@Nullable String newValue)
      Sets the base64-encoded binary value.
      newValue - the string value