Class JavaCryptoValidationInitializer

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public class JavaCryptoValidationInitializer
extends Object
implements Initializer
An initializer which validates the Java Cryptographic Architecture environment is usable.

Validates that the set of security providers configured in the JVM supports required cryptographic capabilities, for example for the XML Encryption and XML Signature specifications.

Depending on the requirements of the calling code, failure to fully support encryption and signature requirements may or may not be significant. A configuration property opensaml.config.xmlsec.cryptoValidationIsFatal is supplied to allow the environment to determine whether an invalid result is fatal or not. The default value of this flag is false. If any case, a warning is logged.

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      public static final String CONFIG_PROPERTY_FAIL_IS_FATAL
      Configuration property determining whether invalid result is fatal or not.
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      private org.slf4j.Logger log
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    • JavaCryptoValidationInitializer

      public JavaCryptoValidationInitializer()
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