Class StatusMessageTypeMarshaller

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public class StatusMessageTypeMarshaller
extends AbstractXACMLObjectMarshaller
Marshaller for StatusMessageType.
  • Constructor Details

    • StatusMessageTypeMarshaller

      public StatusMessageTypeMarshaller()
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    • marshallElementContent

      protected void marshallElementContent​(XMLObject xmlObject, Element domElement) throws MarshallingException
      No-op method. Extending implementations should override this method if they have text content to marshall into the Element. Marshalls data from the XMLObject into content of the DOM Element. The default implementation of this method is a no-op.
      marshallElementContent in class AbstractXACMLObjectMarshaller
      xmlObject - the XMLObject
      domElement - the DOM element recieving the content
      MarshallingException - thrown if the textual content can not be added to the DOM element