Interface RequestedReferenceType

All Superinterfaces:
WSTrustObject, XMLObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
RequestedAttachedReference, RequestedUnattachedReference
All Known Implementing Classes:
RequestedAttachedReferenceImpl, RequestedReferenceTypeImpl, RequestedUnattachedReferenceImpl

public interface RequestedReferenceType
extends WSTrustObject
Interface for RequestedReferenceType complex type.
  • Field Details


      static final String TYPE_LOCAL_NAME
      Local name of the XSI type.
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      Constant Field Values

      static final QName TYPE_NAME
      QName of the XSI type.
  • Method Details

    • getSecurityTokenReference

      SecurityTokenReference getSecurityTokenReference()
      Returns the wsse:SecurityTokenReference child element.
      the SecurityTokenReference child element or null.
    • setSecurityTokenReference

      void setSecurityTokenReference​(SecurityTokenReference securityTokenReference)
      Sets the wsse:SecurityTokenReference child element.
      securityTokenReference - The SecurityTokenReference child element to be set.