Class AbstractCredential

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicCredential, KeyStoreX509CredentialAdapter, ServletRequestX509CredentialAdapter, X509KeyManagerX509CredentialAdapter

public abstract class AbstractCredential
extends Object
implements Credential
Base class for Credential implementations.
  • Field Details

    • entityId

      private String entityId
      ID of the entity owning this credential.
    • usageType

      private UsageType usageType
      Usage type of this credential.
    • keyNames

      private Collection<String> keyNames
      Key names for this credential.
    • publicKey

      private PublicKey publicKey
      Public key of this credential.
    • secretKey

      private SecretKey secretKey
      Secret key for this credential.
    • privateKey

      private PrivateKey privateKey
      Private key of this credential.
    • credentialContextSet

      private final CredentialContextSet credentialContextSet
      Credential context of this credential.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractCredential

      public AbstractCredential()
  • Method Details

    • getEntityId

      @Nullable public String getEntityId()
      The unique ID of the entity this credential is for.
      Specified by:
      getEntityId in interface Credential
      unique ID of the entity this credential is for
    • getUsageType

      @Nullable public UsageType getUsageType()
      Gets usage type of this credential.
      Specified by:
      getUsageType in interface Credential
      usage type of this credential
    • getKeyNames

      @Nonnull public Collection<String> getKeyNames()
      Gets key names for this credential. These names may be used to reference a key(s) exchanged through an out-of-band agreement. Implementations may or may not implement means to resolve these names into keys retrievable through the Credential.getPublicKey(), Credential.getPrivateKey() or Credential.getSecretKey() methods.
      Specified by:
      getKeyNames in interface Credential
      key names for this credential
    • getPublicKey

      @Nullable public PublicKey getPublicKey()
      Gets the public key for the entity.
      Specified by:
      getPublicKey in interface Credential
      public key for the entity
    • getSecretKey

      @Nullable public SecretKey getSecretKey()
      Gets the secret key for this entity.
      Specified by:
      getSecretKey in interface Credential
      secret key for this entity
    • getPrivateKey

      @Nullable public PrivateKey getPrivateKey()
      Gets the private key for the entity if there is one.
      Specified by:
      getPrivateKey in interface Credential
      the private key for the entity
    • getCredentialContextSet

      @Nonnull public CredentialContextSet getCredentialContextSet()
      Get the set of credential context information, which provides additional information specific to the contexts in which the credential was resolved.
      Specified by:
      getCredentialContextSet in interface Credential
      set of resolution contexts of the credential
    • setEntityId

      protected void setEntityId​(@Nullable String newEntityID)
      Sets the ID of the entity this credential is for.
      newEntityID - ID of the entity this credential is for
    • setUsageType

      protected void setUsageType​(@Nonnull UsageType newUsageType)
      Sets the usage type for this credential.
      newUsageType - usage type for this credential
    • setPublicKey

      protected void setPublicKey​(@Nonnull PublicKey newPublicKey)
      Sets the public key for this credential.
      newPublicKey - public key for this credential
    • setPrivateKey

      protected void setPrivateKey​(@Nonnull PrivateKey newPrivateKey)
      Sets the private key for this credential.
      newPrivateKey - private key for this credential
    • setSecretKey

      protected void setSecretKey​(@Nonnull SecretKey newSecretKey)
      Sets the secret key for this credential.
      newSecretKey - secret key for this credential