Interface LocalizedURI

All Superinterfaces:
LangBearing, SAMLObject, XMLObject, XSURI
All Known Subinterfaces:
InformationURL, Logo, OrganizationURL, PrivacyStatementURL, RegistrationPolicy, UsagePolicy
All Known Implementing Classes:
InformationURLImpl, LocalizedURIImpl, LogoImpl, OrganizationURLImpl, PrivacyStatementURLImpl, RegistrationPolicyImpl, UsagePolicyImpl

public interface LocalizedURI
extends XSURI, LangBearing, SAMLObject
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      @Nonnull @NotEmpty static final String TYPE_LOCAL_NAME
      Local name of the XSI type.
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      Constant Field Values

      @Nonnull static final QName TYPE_NAME
      QName of the XSI type.