Interface ConditionValidator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AudienceRestrictionConditionValidator, DelegationRestrictionConditionValidator, OneTimeUseConditionValidator, ProxyRestrictionConditionValidator

public interface ConditionValidator
A validator that evaluates a Condition within an Assertion.
  • Method Details

    • getServicedCondition

      @Nonnull QName getServicedCondition()
      Gets the element or schema type QName of the condition handled by this validator.
      element or schema type QName of the statement handled by this validator
    • validate

      @Nonnull ValidationResult validate​(@Nonnull Condition condition, @Nonnull Assertion assertion, @Nonnull ValidationContext context) throws AssertionValidationException
      Validates the given condition.
      condition - condition to be evaluated
      assertion - assertion bearing the condition
      context - current Assertion validation context
      the result of the condition evaluation
      AssertionValidationException - if there is a problem processing the validation operation