Due to frequent and unresolved problems with the OpenSUSE Build Service mirroring process, a workaround has been provided to produce the appropriate Yum repository configuration to access the files via our community instead of through the non-functional mirrors, or at the OBS' underlying source as a last resort.

Note that the package signing key cannot be mirrored with yum, and has been copied to our server for better reliability, but the key itself is not controlled by the Shibboleth Project and is generated by and used by the OBS service.

We are also in the process of establishing a set of mirrors for the files. If you are willing to host a mirror for an extended period of time, please contact us at contact@shibboleth.net so we can make arrangements to rsync or lftp the packages to your site. Our SSH key can be found here and the source address is associated with shibboleth.net.

Peter S. has provided an Ansible script to help people establish SFTP-based mirrors.

The total size of the packages is about 10.5GB and growing at a fairly slow rate.

For the time being, choose a supported platform below, and a Yum repository file will be generated for you to include in your configuration that references a mirror list generated and maintained on our server.

If you experience problems with a mirror, or missing files, etc., please report that via our JIRA at issues.shibboleth.net (you can use the SSPCPP project that represents the Service Provider as a whole).

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