The Shibboleth Consortium is the body which ensures the ongoing development, support and maintenance of the Shibboleth software. It is comprised of Members who contribute financially at varying levels depending on size and type of organisation. Jisc, as well as being a Member, are the Operator of the Consortium, responsible for its day-to-day management.

Principal Members


Internet2 is a not-for-profit networking consortium deploying advanced networks and applications to research and education communities in the United States. Its 350 members include leading universities, corporations, research organisations and regional/state R&E networks; with more than 66,000 institutes being connected. It also operates the InCommon identity federation and was the original instigator of Shibboleth.


Jisc is the provider of Janet, the United Kingdom's National Research and Education Network. It connects universities, research organisations, tertiary (FE) colleges and other institutes of learning; serving over 18 million users. Jisc also run the UK Access Management Federation and Assent.


SWITCH is the Swiss National Research and Education Network. It offers high-performance networking services to universities and research facilities, and also operates the SWITCHaai identity federation.

Federation Members


HEAnet is Ireland's National Education and Research Network, providing internet connectivity and associated ICT services to education and research organisations throughout Ireland, including all primary and post-primary schools.


The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) provides global integration and collaboration supported by information and communication technologies, for the generation of knowledge and excellence of education and research.


CESNET operates the National Research and Education Network of the Czech Republic. Its goal is to foster research and development of advanced network technologies and applications, along with broadening public knowledge about advanced networking topics.


GARR is the Italian National Research and Education Network, providing high-bandwidth connectivity and advanced services to the national scientific and academic community. GARR currently serves around 450 user sites including Universities, Research Organisations, Laboratories, Observatories and other institutions within the research and academic community.


ACOnet is the Austrian National Research and Education Network. It is operated by the University of Vienna and connects around 100 universities, research facilities, regional school networks, libraries, museums, hospitals and federal bodies. It also operates the ACOnet Identity Federation.


Belnet is a Belgian federal government organisation that connects Belgian universities, higher education, research centres and government services. It also operates the BNIX Internet Exchange and


CANARIE is a non-for-profit corporation providing advanced networks and applications to the research and education community in Canada.


DFN Verein is the German National Research and Education Network. It connects more than 300 universities, research institutions and research departments of commercial enterprises.


The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe's gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe's space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world.


GakuNin is the Japanese Academic Access Management Federation. It is comprised of universities and providers of e-resources who coordinate interoperability standards supporting single sign-on access.

Haka Federation

Haka is the identity federation of the Finnish universities, polytechnics and research institutions. It is operated by CSC - the IT Center for Science - a non-profit company administered by the Finnish Ministry of Education, Science and Culture to provide IT infrastructure, resources and support to the research and education community.


RENATER is the French National Research and Education Network. It provides connectivity and middleware services to more than 1,000 research and education sites in Metropolitan and Overseas France It also operates the Federation Éducation-Recherche.


NORDUnet is a joint collaboration of five National Research and Education Networks in Denmark (Forskningsnettet), Finland (Funet), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (Uninett) and Sweden (SUNET). It provides network and e-infrastructure services for the Nordic region.

Academic/Non-Profit Members

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a global research university with more than 12,000 students, 95,000 alumni, and 5,000 faculty and staff. It has campuses in Pittsburgh, Qatar and Silicon Valley, and degree-granting programs around the world.


The LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) is a group of scientists seeking to make the first direct detection of gravitational waves, use them to explore the fundamental physics of gravity, and develop the emerging field of gravitational wave science as a tool of astronomical discovery. It works towards this goal by researching and developing techniques for gravitational wave detection.

Commercial Members

Clareity Security

Clareity Security is a leader in the development of security, integration and efficiency related products and services. Its team of experts led single sign-on integration efforts in North America since 2005, and Clareity has developed a suite of world-class products to meet the unique needs of real estate brokers, MLSs and e-commerce vendors. It is the creator of Safe Syndication™, the leading listing syndication and IDX/VOW compliance management tool for brokerages and MLS organizations, and the Clareity Application Store, a secure e-commerce solution for purchase of real estate applications and information subscription services.

Overt Software Solutions

Overt Software Solutions has been actively involved in Shibboleth since 2003. Its research and development into Shibboleth looks into real world scenarios such as Cloud Technology and how this can benefit organisations.


Digital Identity Labs

Digital Identity Ltd is a young Manchester-based company that supplies federated identity services to higher education, small businesses and charities. Their dontations to the Shibboleth Consortium are greatly valued.


InfoStreet are a Cloud Software provider of applications and services to businesses of varying sizes. They utilise Shibboleth in their Single Sign-on solution, SkyLogin, and are a valued donor to the Shibboleth Consortium.


9STAR is a provider of Shibboleth SAML compliant enterprise-grade secure access IT technology platform for enterprise customers. 9STAR's secure access technology can be provisioned on-demand as a software appliance in the cloud or on-premises. Its Elastic SSOR, ActiveShareFSR, Shimla and ProtectNetworkR software solutions are currently used across the Higher Education, Non-Profit, and Healthcare, Energy and Financial Services sectors in 55+ countries.