Shibboleth Shared Components 9.1.2 API

Legacy package.
Legacy package.
A set of annotations used to document information about methods, fields, parameters, etc.
A set of annotations used to document constraints on methods, fields, parameters, etc.
Command line functionality.
A set of helper functions for encoding/decoding data to/from different formats.
Additional implementations of, and helpers for working with, collections.
Set of interfaces used to describe basic features of "components" within a larger system.
Classes for working with Apache HttpClient.
Classes that represent basic first order logic concepts.
Shared networking APIs and classes.
Implementation classes for working with HTTP URLs and the protocol.
A set of utilities dealing with Java's primitive types.
Interfaces for searching over data.
The package defines only the ShibbolethResource interface.
Classes for working with JSR-223 scripting environments.
Helpers for common security related tasks.
Implementations of security interfaces.
Shared service APIs.
Implementations of shared service interfaces.
Classes related to reloading beans.
Security-related service implementation classes.
Java servlet specification APIs.
Java Servlet specification implementation classes.
Classes supporting Spring configuration activities.
Spring application context classes.
Classes used in custom XML Spring configuration handling.
Extensions for Spring error handling.
Classes supporting use of Spring Expression Language (SpEL).
Spring factory beans.
Factory beans for HttpClient objects.
Spring resource classes supporting HttpClient access.
Shibboleth integration with Spring Resource.Helper functions, concrete implementations and a bridging class.
Factory beans for security classes.
Spring specific implementations of ServiceableComponent and ReloadableService.
Spring specific implementation of AbstractServiceableComponent.
Spring-aware APIs relating to Java Servlets, Filters, etc.
Spring-aware implementation classes related to Java Servlet and Filter behavior.
Supporting classes for using Spring.
Side-port of Velocity support from Spring 4 after removal from Spring 5.
Classes supporting testing of other classes.
Classes for working with Apache Velocity.
APIs for parsing and using XML.
XML implementation classes.
Legacy API stub for compatibility.
Legacy Classes for working with Apache HttpClient.
Legacy compatibility stubs.
Legacy stubs for compatibility.
A set of utilities dealing with Java's primitive types.