Class AllMatchPredicate<T>

Type Parameters:
T - type of object upon which this predicate operates
All Implemented Interfaces:
Predicate<Iterable<T>>, Predicate<Iterable<T>>

public class AllMatchPredicate<T>
extends Object
implements Predicate<Iterable<T>>
A Predicate that checks that all items in an Iterable match a given target predicate. If the given Iterable is null or contains no items this method will return false, otherwise it passes each Iterable value to the target predicate, even if those values are null. The first false returned by the target predicate stops evaluation and causes this predicate to return (i.e., it short-circuits the evaluation).
  • Field Details

    • predicate

      @Nonnull private final Predicate<T> predicate
      The predicate applied to each value of the Iterable.
  • Constructor Details

    • AllMatchPredicate

      public AllMatchPredicate​(@Nonnull Predicate<T> target)
      target - the target predicate against which all Iterable elements are evaluated
  • Method Details