Class X509KeyInfoGeneratorFactory.X509Options

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protected class X509KeyInfoGeneratorFactory.X509Options extends BasicKeyInfoGeneratorFactory.BasicOptions
Options to be used in the production of a KeyInfo from an X509Credential.
  • Field Details

    • emitEntityCertificate

      private boolean emitEntityCertificate
      Emit the entity certificate as an X509Certificate element within X509Data.
    • emitEntityCertificateChain

      private boolean emitEntityCertificateChain
      Emit the entity certificate chain as sequence of X509Certificate elements within X509Data.
    • emitCRLs

      private boolean emitCRLs
      Emit the CRL list as sequence of X509CRL elements within X509Data.
    • emitX509SubjectName

      private boolean emitX509SubjectName
      Emit the entity certificate subject DN as an X509SubjectName element within X509Data.
    • emitX509IssuerSerial

      private boolean emitX509IssuerSerial
      Emit the entity certificate issuer name and serial number as an X509IssuerSerial element within X509Data.
    • emitX509SKI

      private boolean emitX509SKI
      Emit the entity certificate subject key identifier as an X509SKI element within X509Data.
    • emitX509Digest

      private boolean emitX509Digest
      Emit the entity certificate digest as an X509Digest element within X509Data.
    • x509DigestAlgorithmURI

      private String x509DigestAlgorithmURI
      X509Digest digest algorithm URI.
    • emitSubjectDNAsKeyName

      private boolean emitSubjectDNAsKeyName
      Emit the entity certificate subject DN as a KeyName element.
    • emitSubjectCNAsKeyName

      private boolean emitSubjectCNAsKeyName
      Emit the entity certificate subject DN common name (CN) fields as KeyName elements.
    • emitSubjectAltNamesAsKeyNames

      private boolean emitSubjectAltNamesAsKeyNames
      Emit the entity certificate subject alternative name extension values as KeyName elements.
    • subjectAltNames

      private Set<Integer> subjectAltNames
      The set of types of subject alternative names to process.
    • x500DNHandler

      private X500DNHandler x500DNHandler
      Responsible for parsing and serializing X.500 names to/from X500Principal instances.
    • x500SubjectDNFormat

      private String x500SubjectDNFormat
      The format specifier for outputting X.500 subject names.
    • x500IssuerDNFormat

      private String x500IssuerDNFormat
      The format specifier for outputting X.500 issuer names.
  • Constructor Details

    • X509Options

      protected X509Options()
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