Class ThreadLocalX509TrustEngineContext


public final class ThreadLocalX509TrustEngineContext extends Object
Class which holds and makes available instances of TrustEngine<? super X509Credential> and CriteriaSet via ThreadLocal storage, typically used for server TLS authentication via ThreadLocalX509TrustManager.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ThreadLocalX509TrustEngineContext

      private ThreadLocalX509TrustEngineContext()
  • Method Details

    • loadCurrent

      public static void loadCurrent(@Nonnull TrustEngine<? super X509Credential> trustEngine, @Nonnull CriteriaSet criteria, @Nullable Boolean fatal)
      Load the thread-local storage with the current credential.
      trustEngine - the current trust engine
      criteria - the current criteria
      fatal - whether trust engine evaluation failure should be treated as fatal. Defaults to true.
    • clearCurrent

      public static void clearCurrent()
      Clear the current thread-local credential.
    • haveCurrent

      public static boolean haveCurrent()
      Get whether the current thread-local is populated with non-null data.
      true if thread-local has non-null data, false otherwise
    • getTrustEngine

      @Nullable public static TrustEngine<? super X509Credential> getTrustEngine()
      Return the current thread-local trust engine instance.
      the current trust engine
    • getCriteria

      @Nullable public static CriteriaSet getCriteria()
      Return the current thread-local criteria instance.
      the current criteria
    • isFailureFatal

      @Nonnull public static Boolean isFailureFatal()
      Return whether failure of server TLS is to be treated as fatal.
      true if fatal, false if not
    • getTrusted

      @Nullable public static Boolean getTrusted()
      Return the current thread-local trust evaluation data.
      the current trust evaluation data
    • setTrusted

      public static void setTrusted(@Nullable Boolean trusted)
      Set the current thread-local trust evaluation data.
      trusted - the current trust evaluation data