Class BaseCSRFTokenPredicate

Direct Known Subclasses:
DefaultEventRequiresCSRFTokenValidationPredicate, DefaultViewRequiresCSRFTokenPredicate

public abstract class BaseCSRFTokenPredicate extends Object
A base helper class for predicates that determine if CSRF protection is required per state.
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      @Nonnull @NotEmpty public static final String CSRF_EXCLUDED_ATTRIBUTE_NAME
      Name of the metadata attribute that, if true, excludes a view from CSRF protection.
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  • Constructor Details

    • BaseCSRFTokenPredicate

      public BaseCSRFTokenPredicate()
  • Method Details

    • safeGetBooleanStateAttribute

      @Nonnull protected boolean safeGetBooleanStateAttribute(@Nullable StateDefinition state, @Nullable String attributeName, @Nonnull boolean defaultValue)
      Safe get the boolean value of the attribute from the attributes annotating the StateDefinition. Returns the defaultValue if either:
      • the state is null.
      • attributeName is null or no value is found.
      • the value is found but is not a Boolean.
      state - the state definition to find the attribute from.
      attributeName - the name of the attribute to find.
      defaultValue - a default value.
      the boolean value of the attribute on the state definition.