Class AddAuthnStatementToAssertion

All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, DestructableComponent, InitializableComponent, ProfileAction, Aware, MessageSource, MessageSourceAware, Action

public class AddAuthnStatementToAssertion extends BaseAddAuthenticationStatementToAssertion
Action that builds an AuthnStatement and adds it to an Assertion returned by a lookup strategy, by default in the InOutOperationContext.getOutboundMessageContext().

If no Response exists, then an Assertion directly in the outbound message context will be used or created

A constructed Assertion will have its ID, IssueInstant, Issuer, and Version properties set. The issuer is based on RelyingPartyConfiguration.getResponderId(ProfileRequestContext).

The AuthnStatement will have its authentication instant set, based on AuthenticationResult.getAuthenticationInstant() via AuthenticationContext.getAuthenticationResult(). The AuthnContext will be set via RequestedPrincipalContext.getMatchingPrincipal(), or via an injected or defaulted function that obtains a custom principal from the profile context.

The SessionIndex and optionally SessionNotOnOrAfter attributes will also be set.