Interface SAMLArtifactConfiguration

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public interface SAMLArtifactConfiguration
Interface for outbound SAML artifact configuration.

While sufficient for known SAML 1 and 2 artifact types, the interface may be extended if necessary to carry type-specific additions.

  • Method Details

    • getArtifactType

      @Nullable byte[] getArtifactType()
      Get the type code of the artifact to use.
      the artifact type code
    • getArtifactResolutionServiceURL

      @Nullable String getArtifactResolutionServiceURL()
      Get the location, as a URL, of the issuer's resolution service endpoint.
      location of resolution service endpoint
    • getArtifactResolutionServiceIndex

      @Nullable Integer getArtifactResolutionServiceIndex()
      Get the index of the issuer's resolution service endpoint, corresponding to its metadata.
      index of resolution service endpoint in metadata